Why Choose the Cecchetti Method?

The Cecchetti Method is influential and recognized by professionals worldwide. Teachers, parents and students of the Cecchetti Method testify to the superiority of the training and what it has done for them:

“I prefer the Cecchetti Method for me because it’s rigorous yet elegant. I am able to dance anywhere now and people are able to recognize that I am Cecchetti trained.”

– Fiona Pitt (student)

“Cecchetti has taught me discipline, determination, and self-confidence in not only ballet but every aspect of my life” – Megan Hanley (student)

“I feel confident she (my daughter) is learning the correct and safe way to execute the various ballet moves. Her caring teachers are trained to pay close attention to her physical development as she progresses”

– Angie Crellin (parent of a Cecchetti child)

Cecchetti trained individuals are easily recognized by their elegance and pure classical style. When auditioning, Cecchetti students are chosen for their simplicity of line, coordination, speed, stability, and harmony of movement. Many students of the Cecchetti Method have gone on to pursue professional careers in dance, as well as arts management, physical/dance therapy, sports medicine, film/theater and college level arts education.

Source: Cecchetti USA