The Cecchetti Method is a disciplined system of ballet instruction designed with careful regard for the laws of anatomy. This allows for:

  • Complete embodiment of the essential qualities of a great dancer
  • An understanding and emphasis of body line
  • Superior balance and poise
  • Strength and elasticity of the muscles
  • Indispensable ability to adapt quickly and fluidly to all styles of choreography
  • The Cecchetti trained student is better able to absorb the basic principles which govern the art rather than the mere imitation of an individual’s teaching style.

The Cecchetti Method offers:

  • Set Syllabi for pre-school through professional levels
  • Student examinations
  • Certification examinations
  • Teacher training courses

Based on international standards, examinations are designed to give students and instructors of the Cecchetti Method a greater sense of purpose while insuring that each level has been successfully accomplished before progressing to the next.

Huntington Academy of Dance Faculty with Cecchetti qualifications:

  • Marnell Himes-Ushijima, Fellow, Final Diploma, Examiner
  • Kimberly McEachern, Licentiate, Final Diploma
  • Judith Hawkesworth, Fellow, Grade 10, Examiner
  • Madison Simons, Associate, Final Diploma
  • Sasha Robertson, Associate, Grade 9
  • Melody Whittam, Associate, Grade 9
  • Erin Conners, Grade 10, Teaching Certificate 2
  • Kennedi Simons, Grade 10, Teaching Certificate 1
  • Bridgette Burnett, Grade 9, Teaching Certificate 1
  • Megan Pulfer, Grade 9
  • Elise Conlay, Grade 8, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Grace Hager, Grade 8, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Chloe Rowsell, Grade 8, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Albany Adele, Grade 8, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Lauren Aksdal, Grade 8
  • Jamie Ankeny, Grade 8
  • Allison Romine, Grade 8
  • Sarah Beyer, Grade 8, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Jana Acciacca, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Analiese Cox, Grade 7, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Kim Serany, Teaching Certificate 1A
  • Jessica Austin, Teaching Certificate 1A

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Source: Cecchetti USA