We have been a part of the HAD family since all three of our daughters were 3 years old. They are now 14, 11 and 11. This studio is like our second home. Not only do we spend a lot of time there, but I truly feel blessed to have found such a safe and nurturing environment for my kids. The dancers are taught safety, respect, discipline, modesty and know the value and reward of hard work. They also learn how to handle disappointment graciously and to be humble when they succeed. We love the fact that HAD is a performance-based studio. Our girls have made their closest friends in class and at rehearsals and shows. We also love that our girls have the older dancers to look up to. The girls who graduate each year are so accomplished and driven to succeed in life. They are wonderful examples for so many young ladies. .

Norman & Christine Wendl
Huntington Beach, CA