Walking in to the Huntington Academy of Dance when my daughter was 3 years old. I didn’t put too much thought into a dance future.  I simply thought, how fun, a dance, a cute costume and an adorable performance. 10 years later I can honestly tell you it has been such a gift.  A very big part of our lives and a big part of our hearts. Little by little we signed up for dance classes, and my daughter truly fell in love with dance. After 10 years at the studio, she has had every teacher and has learned so many important skills from each one of them.   She has made life long friends and has so many mentors and positive role models at the studio. Whether it be a teacher or an older dancer the girls simply share a love and a passion for the art of dance but also are truly good role models in life.  They work hard at the studio, at school, at home. She absolutely loves her HAD family and we are so grateful she feels part of such a positive environment and has so many friends.  

This studio teaches ballet using the Cecchetti method.  This training method is known for growing and building  their dancers to have excellent technique. Cecchetti teaches exercises that the dancers bodies are ready for according to age development.  This helps ensure safety for the girls bodies and prevents injuries.  The dancers are also tested each year and demonstrate a knowledge and understanding for each level starting from levels 1 through 10.  It is very impressive to watch and see how much the girls learn and know.   We have watched our own daughter develop year by year and she has become such a beautiful dancer. She takes a lot of pride in what levels she has passed and continues to work towards the next level.  Each level being more challenging than the previous.  They all rise to the occasion, study, learn, develop and grow.  I am truly blown away at their knowledge and abilities.

HAD is an established studio and has many programs that benefit the dancers. HAD also takes pride in the fact that both the dances, song choices and costumes are appropriate. They are not a competition studio but focus on performances opportunities. We love this and have seen how it has helped our daughter gain so much confidence.  

 Our experience has truly been amazing and our daughter has developed personally from all the opportunities and teaching HAD has given her. We are proud to call our daughter a HAD dancer.  So thankful and grateful for all the teachers pouring into her and all the programs she has benefit from.  Proud of what she has accomplished and excited to see what is to come! 

Isa Woolums
Huntington Beach, CA