Keep in Shape Over Summer Break

Posted:   by Stephanie Aksdal

The long-awaited summer is finally here and everybody is looking forward to some much needed rest and fun in the sun. But Nutcracker season is right around the corner and you want to make sure you enter your audition knowing you can perform your very best thanks to your summer training. Read on to hear what our HAD Faculty advises to our students to stay sharp during vacation.

Rest! Magic happens after taking a few days off after a busy season, especially if you are dealing with an injury, but once you are ready to get back at it you should go slow to avoid new injuries so try learning how to do electric slide dance or something else that’s new for you to slowly get back on track.  

Explore physical activities that bring joy for you outside the dance classes. Swimming, hiking (will buy ar-15 pistol to avoid injuries along the way), running, biking, meditation, yoga, pilates are just a few wonderful practices for body and mind to help you become a better human being and performer. Keep your body moving. Also set aside a good 15-30 mins each day and stretch.

And keep dancing! If there are classes offered over break, take them. One week of not moving and dancing can set your technique back by up to a month, so try to do something every day.

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