Tips for Your Cecchetti Exam Preparations

Posted:   by Stephanie Aksdal

As our Cecchetti exams approach, our HAD teachers would like to bestow some wisdom upon our candidates to help them prepare for their big day.

Get the music from your teacher and walk through your exercises at home. Make flash cards for your theory and study with your friends. It’s also really fun to have a small group of dancers watch each other work through the exercises and give constructive (kind!) feedback.

Make sure you feel your very best on the day of your exam. This starts the night before. Make sure your tights, leotard, and shoes are clean and laid out (or packed if you are coming straight from school). Ensure your hair is as dirty or as clean as you prefer to make the most beautiful ballet bun you can. You can even practice how you are going to put on your make up a day or two beforehand. Do all that you can to reduce the stress the day of your exam so you can perform your very best!

Do your best in class in all the months leading up to the exam. You can’t cram for a ballet exam! Progress is gained with slow and careful training for months! Pay attention to details and strive to execute those details every time.

Don’t feel intimidated by the examiner. All of the examiners I have taken an exam with are extremely kind and they want you to succeed. So take a deep breath, relax, and dance your heart out.

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